Building People Power

People everywhere want to live in thriving communities, with healthy and clean water and air, forests and wildlife.

We help people all around the Pacific Rim participate in civic organizations and build strong, healthy communities.

People need information to know if their river is clean—or awash in toxic pollutants dumped from the local factory.

When there are problems, they need to know how to make themselves heard and push those in power to pay attention to their concerns.

If their demand for cleanup falls on deaf ears, they need ways to speak up for their rights and seek justice in court.

We give people the tools they need to create just communities and healthy environments.

  • I feel immense pride in how much Pacific Environment and our partners have accomplished with our Zero Waste movement.
    The progress we made in 2023 reaffirms our commitment to drive positive change across the country and reflects a collective dedication to a lasting transformation by educating all of Vietnam’s children in zero-waste practices.
    Xuan Quach, Vietnam Plastic Team Lead, Pacific Environment
  • Local people can help enforce pollution laws to rein in China's pollution crisis. We work with grassroots groups to build volunteer networks that watchdog water and air pollution and educate communities about the dangers of fossil fuel dependency.
  • Arctic indigenous people depend on the bounty of the sea for cultural and physical sustenance. We partner with indigenous leaders to protect marine wildlife like the Pacific walrus and to ensure that Arctic policymakers create international laws that respect indigenous concerns.
  • When people understand the sources of their problems they can take action to win real-world change. We partner with local leaders on the frontlines of environmental injustice because they have the passion and determination it takes to mobilize their communities around shared concerns.
  • Local Power
  • International Rules
  • Community Action
We work with partners to protect the environment along the Pacific Rim
We train people to identify concrete violations of environmental and health laws and push for action. (Photo: Pacific Environment/Partner)

We Build People Power

We give people on the ground the resources and technical know-how they need to lead in their communities and advocate for clean air, clean water, people’s rights, and community-based management of natural resources.

Global Movement

Local people are often the strongest champions of environmental protection. We offer one of the very few granting and training programs that systematically helps grassroots leaders become powerful advocates for their communities and the natural environment.

Citizen Action

People need information to be able to participate in public decisions and seek justice for harm they suffer. We help partners gain access to information through field work and disclosure requests. We foster partnerships among communities, businesses and government officials to protect resources. And we support legal action to win victories for our oceans, the climate, and people.

Indigenous Rights

Industrial development and resource exploitation are encroaching on indigenous communities’ territories and cultures. We collaborate with local partners to develop sustainable economic alternatives that feed families, sustain cultural traditions, and protect the lands and wildlife local people depend on. We also support Indigenous efforts to shape the laws that affect their lives.

  • We nurture and collaborate with dozens of grassroots leaders and organizations to protect our oceans, the climate and communities.