People have a right to a clean and healthy environment. We collaborate with partners to identify polluters who break environmental and health laws and pressure them to clean up their act.

The U.N. Maritime Chief Visited Alaska—And This Is What Happened

March 24, 2017
Do you ever wonder what advocacy at the highest international levels actually looks like? Well, I’ve been working in this field for over 30 years and I can tell...

MEPs urge oil drill ban in the Arctic

March 16, 2017
MEPs today called for a ban on oil drilling in the Arctic, voting on a non-binding resolution aimed at dealing with new environmental and security challenges from climate change.

EU Parliament Arctic Resolution Vote Calls for Heavy Fuel Oil Ban

March 16, 2017
Brussels, 16 March 2017: Responding to today’s European Parliament 483/100 plenary vote to pass its Resolution on the Arctic, including a call “on the Commission and the Member States to...

World Maritime Body Presents Polar Code to Arctic Council Meeting in Alaska

March 10, 2017
It was the first time that an IMO secretary general had participated at an Arctic Council SAO meeting. Participants of the Arctic Council meeting discussed other key topics such...

Tweeting Shuts Down Polluter

January 30, 2017
Mao Ge Uses the Power of Social Media to Fight Water Pollution in China. Mao Ge was walking along the Xiangtan River near his home of Xiangtan, Hunan Province,...

Arctic Commitment Signatories Demand Arctic Shipping Clean Up

January 25, 2017
A world-leading expedition cruise ship operator today joined international environmental organisations to spearhead the protection of Arctic communities and ecosystems from risks posed by the use of marine heavy...