Local Partnerships and International Coalitions Drive Our Success

For 30 years, Pacific Environment has nurtured and collaborated with more than 150 grassroots organizations around the Pacific Rim.

The networks we foster create concentric ripples outward to many more people and organizations that ally together to undertake public education, litigation, media outreach, large-scale advocacy campaigns and sophisticated policy work.

That’s how we achieve real-world results for people and the environment.

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  • Pacific Environment’s team of selflessly devoted professionals has been a trustworthy partner and a faithful companion in the struggle to protect nature—the very basis of all life on Earth.
    Sergei Berezniuk, director of Phoenix Fund, former partner in Vladivostok, Russia
  • We are a founding member and strategic lead of the "Clean Arctic Alliance," an international coalition campaigning to ban dangerous fuel oils from Arctic waters to protect the region's marine wildlife and coastal communities from potentially catastrophic oil spills.
  • We help partners across China build sweeping volunteer networks that mobilize local citizens to patrol rivers and report pollution from factories and mines, so that they can be cleaned up or shut down.
  • Until recently, we supported the "Sosnovka Coalition," a network of over 50 environmental and indigenous rights activists and organizations in the Russian Far East and Siberia. For nearly 20 years, we co-hosted the coalition's annual meeting, which facilitates the most important exchange of expertise and conservation strategy in the Russian East.
  • Asia currently accounts for two-thirds of new ocean trash. That's why we are now partnering with groups in China and Vietnam to protect marine wildlife, coral reefs and communities.
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We partner with Arctic groups to help strengthen indigenous self-determination and cooperation across national boundaries. (Photo: Pacific Environment/Partner)


Pacific Environment plays a leadership role in several domestic and international networks that seek to protect Arctic wildlife and communities from catastrophic oil spills, increased shipping and other industrial activities. We also partner directly with indigenous leaders in the U.S. and Canadian Arctic.

Our partners and coalitions include Association of Traditional Marine Mammal Hunters of Chukotka, Clean Arctic Alliance, Clean Shipping Coalition, Earthjustice, Friends of the Earth International, International Union for the Conservation of Nature and World Wildlife Fund.

Most of our partner organizations in China are led by young people, and many of their leaders are women. (Photo: Pacific Environment/Partner)


Pacific Environment partners with local grassroots organizations throughout China, as well as the Institute for Public and Environmental Affairs, Waterkeeper Alliance, Global Greengrants Fund, Greenpeace East Asia and the Capacity Building and Assessment Center.

The Russian Far East and Siberia boast vast wilderness and iconic wildlife: tigers, leopards, bears and salmon. (Photo: Public Domain)


Pacific Environment founded the Sosnovka Coalition—a network of 50+ environmental and indigenous activists that forms the backbone of the environmental movement in Russia.

We help partners in Southeast Asia protect the ocean and coastal waters from plastic trash and increased ship traffic. (Photo: Pacific Environment/Partner)

Southeast Asia

Pacific Environment collaborates with local grassroots leaders and joins coalitions to stop plastic trash flow into the ocean and to protect sensitive coral reefs and marine wildlife from increased ship traffic. Our partners include National Ocean Protection CoalitionVietnam Oregon Initiative and Vietnam Association of Marine Environment and Nature.