Many ships use outdated and dangerous fossil fuels to travel the oceans. We lead international coalitions that advocate a ban on oil in the Arctic and a transition to clean energy for the shipping industry. We also seek laws that protect wildlife and coastal communities by keeping ships out of sensitive areas.

It’s Time to Ban Toxic Oil from the Arctic

Blog Post | December 2, 2016 | Kevin Harun
Right now, Pacific Environment is gearing up to fight two big threats to the Arctic: a catastrophic oil spill and President-elect Trump’s ruthless fossil fuel agenda. Transported as cargo...

Arctic Indigenous Leaders Make Historic Address on Shipping

Press Release | October 19, 2016
Six Arctic indigenous leaders from Alaska, Canada, and Russia will travel to London next week to address the International Maritime Organization (IMO) regarding the impacts of shipping in the...

Take Action to Protect the Arctic Ocean from Dirty Shipping

Blog Post | September 24, 2016 | Kevin Harun
Arctic Ocean ice just hit another all-time low. With more open water comes increased ship traffic. Some of the ships traveling through pristine Arctic waters are powered by the...

Obama Should Eliminate Heavy Fuel Oil in Arctic Waters

Press Release | July 8, 2016
President Obama made history last summer by being the first sitting president to visit the Arctic, speaking passionately about climate change and focusing on Arctic challenges. Phasing out the...

As Antarctic Ban Takes Effect, Coalition Calls for Arctic HFO Ban

Press Release | April 14, 2016
As polar ice recedes, increased Arctic vessel traffic increases the urgency to craft protections for fragile Arctic marine environments and communities.

The Elephant in the Room in Paris

Blog Post | December 4, 2015 | Kevin Harun
It’s no small irony that many of the small island nations most at risk from rising sea levels such as the Marshall Islands are also some of the foremost...