Making Reuse the Key Solution to the Climate Crisis

Date: May 20, 2023

Plastic pollution threatens the ecological environment, human health, and is a key driver of climate change. Single-use plastic is a particularly problematic type of plastic. This is due to the rapid increase in single-use plastic production and disposal in recent years, and its high level of life-cycle carbon emissions. Reuse and refill is a key solution that can help reduce single-use plastics, and
reduce carbon emissions. Further, reuse and refill offers a promising sustainable business model that can provide both ecological and economic benefits.

In March 2022, UN member states reached  a legally binding agreement to end plastic pollution by 2024. As the world’s most active economy in plastics production, consumption,
and import & export trade, China’s actions are critical in addressing the global plastics crisis. China has made progress in plastic pollution prevention and control in recent
years. However, as of today, very few policies and regulations in China encourage reuse and refill, and only in the field of express packaging. The importance of “reuse and
refill” must be enhanced in China. This report introduces the concept of reuse and refill, summarizes the global reuse and refill policy landscape, provides business examples from
the reuse and refill field, and analyzes the key role of reuse and refill in reducing plastic pollution and stemming the climate crisis. It also provides recommendations and suggestions
for policies that can help enable adoption of reuse and refill solutions at scale and speed in China.

Read the report here.