China has strong pollution laws on the books, but enforcement lags behind, harming the environment and human health. Through a multi-faceted capacity building program, we help grassroots community groups identify pollution problems and work with local governments to find solutions for cleaning up toxic waste and dangerous emissions.

Zhao Zhong, a TIME Hero of the Environment, Joins Our China Team

Blog Post | September 28, 2012 | Kristen McDonald
I’m so thrilled to welcome Zhao Zhong, a TIME Hero of the Environment, to our China team. Zhao Zhong is an experienced and incredibly well-respected and successful grassroots leader....

Apple Supply Chain Pollutes Water in China

Report | September 1, 2011
The Other Side of Apple II: Pollution Spreads Through Apple’s Supply Chain A group of Chinese environmental groups, including Pacific Environment’s partner Green Stone Environmental Action Network, decided to...