Thank you! 345,606 petitions delivered calling for a stronger plastics treaty

Late yesterday, Plastic Pollution Coalition along with many other organizations from the Break Free From Plastic allies delivered 345,606 petition signatures from civil society calling on the Biden administration to negotiate a legally binding treaty that centers impacted communities, public health, and human rights while acknowledging the myriad impacts that plastic poses at all stages … Read more

It’s time to kick fossil-fueled ships out of the Arctic

By James Gamble, Senior Director, Arctic Program Home to imperiled polar bears, bowhead whales and more than 5,000 species of wildlife, the Arctic is feeling the brunt of climate change more than any other region in the world. Snow and ice are melting at an increasing rate – contributing to rising sea levels and causing … Read more

Celebrating progress: Zero waste partners in Vietnam

Five years into the start of our initiative to eliminate plastic pollution in Vietnam, I feel immense pride in how much Pacific Environment and our partners have accomplished with our Zero Waste movement. Our goal: minimize single-use waste, reduce consumption, and ensure that products are made to be reused. Each passing year sees our movement … Read more

Calling for a strong Global Plastics Treaty

By Xuan Thi Quach, Vietnam Country Director Greetings from Nairobi, Kenya, from the third round of United Nations negotiations for a Global Plastic Treaty. There are many challenges to achieving a strong treaty, but today I feel optimistic. I am here alongside hundreds of other plastic activists from around the world. We are united in our … Read more

Partnering to protect the oceans and marine life

Pacific Environment awards prize to largest locally managed Marine Protected Area We have just returned from another successful partnership with the Para El Mar MPA Awards (for the sea), a biennial event that aims to recognize and award the outstanding locally-managed marine protected areas (MPAs) and MPA networks in the Philippines. The awards were spirited, … Read more