Thank you! 345,606 petitions delivered calling for a stronger plastics treaty

Gwen Dobbs
Date: March 28, 2024

Late yesterday, Plastic Pollution Coalition along with many other organizations from the Break Free From Plastic allies delivered 345,606 petition signatures from civil society calling on the Biden administration to negotiate a legally binding treaty that centers impacted communities, public health, and human rights while acknowledging the myriad impacts that plastic poses at all stages of its “life cycle,” beginning with fossil fuel extraction. 

The group also presented a letter to the Biden administration supported by 150 U.S.-based organizations who are members of the Break Free From Plastic movement.

With just two more negotiating sessions scheduled to finalize the UN Plastics Treaty, time is running out for the U.S. to support real solutions and participate in crafting an effective global agreement to end plastic pollution.

The next negotiating session will take place in Ottawa, Canada, April 23–29. Your voice matters; add your name to the petition today!

Representatives of the Break Free From Plastic Movement deliver UN Plastics Treaty petitions and a letter to the U.S. Government ahead of INC-4, in Washington, D.C.