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Our Key Issues

Thriving Communities
The Climate Challenge
Healthy Oceans, Rivers & Lakes

We Build People Power

Every day community leaders around the Pacific Rim are finding ways to protect our planet from climate breakdown, air pollution, water loss and plastic waste. Pacific Environment nurtures these community solutions by providing local leaders with funding and expertise. We complement this movement-building by putting direct pressure on international decision-makers to amplify local voices and advance systemic environmental reform.

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  • I studied chemistry and was ready to go to work for a big chemical manufacturing company, but Pacific Environment’s leaders inspired me to start a nonprofit to protect our rivers from chemical pollution.
    Zhou Xiang, Executive Director, Green Anhui, our partner China
  • As a mother and leader of Vietnam’s Zero Waste School movement, I worry every day about preserving a clean environment for my daughter and all future generations. This is one reason I am so passionate about the Global Plastic Treaty – it is a way for us to take responsibility for the plastic problem and turn the corner for a better future for our children.
    Xuan Thi Quach, Vietnam Country Director, Pacific Environment
  • We call on President Biden to address shipping decarbonization with a stroke of his pen. An Executive Order on shipping decarbonization would eliminate harmful emissions, work towards the administration’s climate goals and advance environmental justice
    Antonio Santos, Federal Climate Policy Director, Pacific Environment
  • Pacific Environment knows how to make the corporate and government big shots listen to the voices of people from around the Pacific Rim to win impressive environmental victories.
    Activist and Goldman Environmental Prize Winner
  • Biodiversity is disappearing nearly as fast as sea ice in the Arctic. We help local leaders establish parks and other protections to safeguard nature that stores carbon and provides shelter to bears, walrus, seals, otters, birds, salmon, and other Arctic wildlife.
  • People hold leaders accountable. We partner with local activists to demand justice in courts, to access information about environmental harms, and to involve local people in decisions that impact their health and livelihoods.
  • Plastic trash is choking rivers, accumulating in oceans, killing wildlife, and entering people's bodies. To stop plastic pollution, we collaborate with local communities to ban single-use plastics and challenge the petrochemical industry’s planned growth of plastic production.
  • Ships are a major source of climate and air pollution. We partner with local leaders to push government officials, the freight industry, and the Big Retailers who use fossil-fueled ships to transport their products to work together to rapidly achieve clean ports and ships.
  • Our oceans regulate the global climate and feed hundreds of millions of people. We lead coalitions that seek to establish marine protected areas to preserve the greatest variety of life on Earth.
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