Partnering with Local Activists to Solve the Environmental Challenges of Our Time

Local people often know first. They observe how melting sea ice changes the lives of polar bears, seals and walruses.

They witness rising seas encroaching on their shores and homes.

They see the diseases and rashes their children suffer from using water from local rivers turned toxic, dark and foul.

At Pacific Environment, we believe in the power and creativity of local leaders to create community-based solutions to these problems.

That’s why we build people power to fight climate change, defend our oceans, protect wildlife and ensure a just transition to a clean energy future for all.

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  • Pacific Environment knows how to make the corporate and government big shots listen to the voices of people from around the Pacific Rim to win impressive environmental victories.
    Dmitri Lisitsyn, Goldman Environmental Prize Winner and Founder, Sakhalin Environment Watch, Russia

Our Key Issues

Thriving Communities
The Climate Challenge
Healthy Oceans, Rivers & Lakes


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  • Wild places are disappearing nearly as fast as sea ice in the Arctic. We help local leaders establish parks and other protected areas to safeguard wilderness that stores carbon and provides shelter to tigers, leopards, bears, salmon and other threatened wildlife.
  • People hold leaders accountable. We partner with local activists to demand justice in courts, to access information about environmental harms, and to involve local people in decisions that impact their health and livelihoods.
  • Our oceans regulate the global climate, feed hundreds of millions of people, and sustain the greatest variety of life on Earth. We lead coalitions that seek to establish rules to protect sensitive sea areas from oil and gas drilling, an exponential increase in ship traffic, and other industrializing proposals.
  • Coal is the dirtiest of all climate-changing fossil fuels and its toxic health effects cause millions of premature deaths every year. We train local leaders seeking to protect their communities from the harms of coal and we connect them to the global movement against coal.
  • Plastic trash is choking rivers and accumulating in oceans, killing wildlife. To stop plastic trash from reaching the ocean, we collaborate with local communities to change how they dispose of trash and improve garbage collection and recycling practices.
  • Wildlife
  • Communities
  • Oceans
  • Climate
  • Trash