You Made a Difference in 2020

Pacific Environment
Date: December 29, 2020

We support community leaders to fight climate change, protect the oceans, build just societies, and move away from fossil fuels toward a green economy.

With your help, over the past year we supported local partners with more than $430,000 in grants, expert trainings and skill-building workshops, as well as travel stipends to advocate for change at international venues.

We couldn’t do what we do without your loyal and generous support.

The Arctic Ocean ecosystem is one of the most fragile on earth. We are advocating a network of protective areas and other measures to keep whales, walruses, seals, birds, and other wildlife safe from increasing ship traffic and other industrial activities following rapidly melting sea ice. We also support Indigenous efforts to protect subsistence and cultural traditions that depend on a healthy marine environment.

Given the tools, local people can be strong and effective environmental champions. We collaborate with community activists to advocate for clean air, clean water, and people’s rights. By helping grassroots leaders protect their communities from environmental harm, we also help them build more robust civil societies and strengthen the rule of law.

The shipping industry is a major and largely unregulated climate polluter. We are leading an international coalition to pressure the industry to stop using fossil fuels and get clean ships on sea by 2030. We are honored that Vice Magazine chose us as 1 of 12 leading environmental justice organizations “worth supporting with time and money” to fight the climate crisis.

Asia accounts for 2/3 of ocean trash; and Big Oil is the driving force behind plastic production. We fund and train grassroots activists in China and Vietnam to push for plastic bans, help communities reduce their waste, and pressure companies to stop using plastic packaging. We also challenge Big Oil’s planned expansion of plastics production to offset falling profits from fossil fuels. Want to know who the world’s worst plastic polluters are? Check out our coalition’s new report, to which we and our local partners contributed.

I’m truly grateful for your activism and support—we and our partners on the frontlines couldn’t have been this effective without you.

Thank you for standing in solidarity with us and grassroots leaders around the Pacific Rim.