Inuit Partners Gain First-ever Seat at UN Shipping Body

James Gamble
Date: November 13, 2021

What a week. Between the world’s premier UN Climate Conference “COP26” and the global shipping crisis, Team Pacific Environment has been hard at work. What’s more, Indigenous partners just won a first-ever seat at the United Nations’ shipping body!

Earlier this week, the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) became the first Indigenous Organization to gain International Maritime Organization (IMO) Provisional Consultative Status, after a five-year, carefully negotiated application process supported by Pacific Environment. Inuit perspectives and knowledge about the Arctic are absolutely necessary for preserving the region’s ecosystems and sustainability.

Now, Inuit voices and Indigenous concerns will officially have a seat at the highest levels of decision-making to protect the marine environment.

For those who have been with Pacific Environment for years, you know that supporting Indigenous communities from behind has been a key, decades-long priority. We are extremely proud to have supported ICC throughout these negotiations and are thrilled by this welcome news.