Take Action: Tell Carnival to Stop Destroying the Arctic

Kevin Harun
Date: July 14, 2018

Did you know? Cruise giant Carnival’s Arctic ships have a dirty secret.

Enticing passengers with promises of first-row tickets to the Arctic’s stunning natural wonders, few people know that Carnival’s ships are powered by one of the dirtiest fossil fuels on the planet.

It’s called heavy fuel oil, and if spilled, this dirty oil would irreparably harm the Arctic’s pristine waters.

Tourism provides the unique opportunity to experience the Arctic’s beauty firsthand. But Carnival’s use of this dirty oil to fuel its cruise ships is destroying the magnificent environment its customers are paying to see.

We need you to stand with us. Tell Carnival Co.’s CEO to stop using one the dirtiest fuels on the planet, which threatens the Arctic marine environment and the Indigenous Peoples that depend on it for their very way of life.

Carnival—which bills itself as “The World’s Most Popular Cruise Line”—uses this dirty fossil fuel because it is cheap, but we all pay a hefty price when Carnival uses it to power its ships in the Arctic.

In addition to the danger of catastrophic oil spills, this dirty fuel releases greenhouse gases and other dangerous pollutants like sulfur dioxide.

It is also a significant source of soot, or black carbon. In places like the Arctic, this soot settles on sea ice, rapidly accelerating its melting. Sea ice loss is devastating for Arctic wildlife and communities—and the global climate.

There simply is no excuse to keep burning this dangerous oil. Other cruise lines already operate in the Arctic without heavy fuel oil.

Will you speak up and tell Carnival to immediately stop using dirty heavy fuel oil and switch to cleaner alternatives?

Together, we can pressure the shipping industry to move off fossil fuels and protect our oceans and our climate.

Thank you for standing with us.