Earth Day Webinar: How to Get Ships off Fossil Fuels

Madeline Rose, Climate Campaign Director
Date: April 10, 2020

UPDATE: If you missed the webinar, you can watch it now on our YouTube channel.

Ships connect the world. The coronavirus crisis reminds us just how much. While millions are on lockdown and entire economies closed, the international shipping industry is working at full speed — moving the foods, goods, and medical supplies the world needs to keep essential services running.

Unfortunately, shipping today is a major driver of climate change. But it doesn’t have to be — and we’re working to change that. Join us digitally on Earth Day to learn how you can help tackle the climate crisis by cleaning up shipping.

The Paris Climate Agreement asked every nation and industry to reduce the greenhouse gas pollution that’s causing the climate crisis — but it infamously left out the shipping industry. It’s time for us to demand that industry leaders step up and do their fair share in reducing climate pollution from ships.

Join me and a panel of experts on Earth Day, April 22, to learn how we do just that.


  • Dr. Bryan Comer is a Senior Researcher at the International Council on Clean Transportation. His research informs policies that reduce the environmental and human health impacts of air pollution from marine vessels and ports, including black carbon.
  • Daniel Hubbell is the Shipping Emission Campaign Manager at Ocean Conservancy. As a part of Ocean Conservancy’s Arctic Team he advocates for a cleaner and decarbonized future in maritime trade. Prior to joining OC Daniel worked for the Environmental Investigation Agency, and has spent more than seven years working on maritime policy, Arctic affairs, and wildlife trafficking issues.
  • Jason Anderson is the director of Internal Engagement and Non-CO₂ initiative at ClimateWorks Foundation. His work spans efforts ranging from implementing the Paris Agreement, to cleaning up dirty shipping and preventing methane leakage. Jason has worked in climate and clean energy for 25 years.

We have only 10 years left to stave off the worst impacts of climate change. We are in a climate emergency — and the shipping industry must decarbonize.

See you on Earth Day!