BREAKING: Trump is Selling Your Oceans

Nicole Portley, Marine Campaigns
Date: January 4, 2018
Shell Oil and Gazprom's oil drilling project in Russian sub-Arctic waters is threatening the survival of the critically endangered Western Gray Whale.

Ocean waters that have been protected for decades are now up for sale—thanks to Donald Trump and his cabinet of polluters.

Today, the Trump administration released a proposal that would radically expand offshore drilling in Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and Arctic waters, and even auction off permanently protected areas.

We cannot let Trump and his fossil fuel cronies put our oceans and our country at risk of future oil spills and the harms of climate change.

Tell Trump and his polluter-in-chief, Interior Department Secretary Ryan Zinke, that you are one of tens of millions of Americans who want to keep our oceans safe from Big Oil.

Oil spills in Alaska, California, the Atlantic, and the Gulf of Mexico over the past decades have demonstrated time and again that there is no way to drill for new oil safely and without harming ocean life, coastal communities, and local economies.

Yet over the next five years the Trump administration is planning to allow drilling in nearly all of our offshore waters. The proposal would expose Arctic waters—our last undeveloped ocean—to drilling; put the Atlantic coast on the chopping block for the first time since 1983; auction off the Pacific coast, which has not seen federal drilling for decades; and further threaten the debilitated Gulf of Mexico.

Speak up right now and tell Trump and Zinke that reopening our coastlines to offshore development takes us backwards. Clean energy, not offshore drilling, is the future.

Thank you for all you do to keep our oceans safe.