Jim Gamble

Senior Arctic Program Officer

Jim Gamble is the Senior Arctic Program Officer. Born and raised and educated in Alaska (at University of Alaska, Anchorage), Jim has directed the Aleut International Association (AIA) since 2007, including the past six years as its executive director/CEO. Jim brings a deep commitment to the empowerment of indigenous leadership, evidenced through his work with the Alaska Native leaders and initiatives he started at the AIA. These include increasing Aleut participation in the organization and increasing the AIA’s participation at the Arctic Council, where AIA serves as one of the international indigenous “permanent participants” at the Arctic Council. Jim also helped to manage a project to map subsistence activities in five Alaskan and 3 Russian locales; and initiated a corresponding project – due to be completed in 2019 – to allow subsistence communities to do the mapping themselves; and the production of an Arctic Council-endorsed report on the impact of heavy fuel oil (HFO) on indigenous communities and subsistence practices.

Jim is a board member of Arctic 360, a senior fellow at Institute of the North, and has numerous publications on, and experience with, core Arctic issues such as marine contaminants, climate change, heavy fuel oil, and the survival of subsistence-based communities.