Herb Hammond

Founder and President, Silva Ecosystem Consultants Ltd.

Herb Hammond is a Registered Professional Forester and forest ecologist with 30 years of experience in research, industry, teaching and consulting. Together with his wife Susan, he founded the Silva Forest Foundation, a charitable society dedicated to research and education in ecosystem-based conservation planning. Herb has worked cooperatively with Indigenous Nations and rural communities to develop more than 20 ecosystem-based plans across Canada, and in Russia, the United States, and Indonesia.

In 2003, Herb received the Gold Award for Sustainable Living at the Canadian Environmental Awards. Herb’s award-winning books, Maintaining Whole Systems on Earth’s Crown: Ecosystem-based Conservation Planning for the Boreal Forest and Seeing the Forest Among the Trees: The Case for Wholistic Forest Use continue to be used by a wide audience in planning forest protection and use. Herb likes to remind us that the forest sustains us; we do not sustain the forest. He has a B.S. in Forest Management from Oregon State University and a Masters of Forestry from the University of Washington.