Pacific Environment and Ulsan Port Authority Sign MOU to Accelerate Zero-Emission Shipping and Ports Between US and Republic of Korea

Date: April 16, 2024

SINGAPORE (April 16, 2024) – During Singapore Maritime Week 2024, Pacific Environment and the Ulsan Port Authority signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining a vision of multi-year collaboration to accelerate zero-emission shipping and ports in the Republic of Korea, within Asia, across transpacific and global corridors. The MOU Signing Ceremony occurred during a joint reception co-hosted by Pacific Environment and Ulsan Port Authority with more than 50 participants.. 

The MOU includes areas of possible cooperation: 

  1. Supporting the Republic of Korea to decarbonize both its domestic shipping and harbor craft industry to align all Republic of Korea ports with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 1.5 degree Celsius trajectory
  2. Support the Uslan Port to design and implement green shipping corridors across Asia, the transpacific and global corridors
  3. Support the Ulsan Port and Republic of Korea Ports to transition to green fuels and provide electric power and zero-emission lifecycle fuels to help marine vessels meet zero-emissions prior to 2050 
  4. Provide the Ulsan Port with an action plan to achieve the International Maritime Organization’s 2023 Greenhouse Gas Strategy 
  5. Support the Ulsan Port to address additional marine and climate policy issues, such as ending ocean plastic pollution, fossil fuel shipping pollution, among others
  6. Support improvement of the Ulsan Port and Republic of Korea Port’s system to prompt the use of green fuels, develop workforce safety standards and train workers.

This is the second MOU that Pacific Environment has signed with Republic of Korea maritime leaders. Last May 2023, Pacific Environment and Korean Maritime Institute signed a multiyear MOU to accelerate zero-emission shipping and ports. 


“We are excited about our partnership with Pacific Environment and look forward to the support the organization can provide on-the-ground to move our port and our country to a zero-emission future. As the largest bunkering port in the Republic of Korea, we hope to do our part to address climate change and move shipping to a 1.5 degree Celsius future,” said Soonyo Jeong, Vice President, Ulsan Port Authority

“Pacific Environment is proud to partner with the Port of Ulsan. Today’s signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between the Port of Ulsan and Pacific Environment is an exciting start to a multiyear partnership. Ulsan Port has been designated as the only green ship fuel supply port in the Republic of Korea, and aims to become an green energy logistics hub. We look forward to supporting the port with strategic policy and planning assistance to support the efforts towards zero-emission shipping and ports,” said Shannon Wright, Executive Director, Pacific Environment.

Download photos from the MOU signing here.