On the heels of COP28, Alaska Climate Alliance Proposes Action Plan for a Regenerative Economy

Date: January 8, 2024

It’s time for Alaska to accelerate the transition to a prosperous future beyond fossil fuels

Anchorage, AK (January 8, 2023) – The Alaska Climate Alliance (ACA) today released LEARNING TO THRIVE: Alaska’s next economy in a warming world, a visionary economic roadmap for a sustainable and prosperous future on the heel of COP28 where decision makers called for a transition away from fossil fuels. 

Recognizing the unprecedented changes Alaska is experiencing due to climate change, the opportunity arises for Alaskans to re-envision and achieve a regenerative economy that provides greater benefits and security.

The ACA’s economic blueprint outlines how Alaska can achieve a sustainable and economically vibrant future, transitioning away from fossil fuel dependence to a regenerative economy. It highlights promising economic opportunities that are the foundations upon which a prosperous and regenerative economy can be built: renewable energy, universal broadband access, tourism, outdoor recreation, fisheries, agriculture, mariculture, education, workforce development, and care economies. The role of mining in a regenerative economy is also discussed. 

The report describes specific steps and actions that could help lead to a regenerative economy.

Statements by co-authors:

“We are excited to share our vision for a sustainable and prosperous future,” said Kay Brown, Arctic Policy Director, Pacific Environment. “World leaders agreed at the recent COP28 that it’s time to transition away from fossil fuels toward renewables and energy efficiency, and this has big implications for Alaska. This report shows how Alaska can move away from fossil fuels while generating many new jobs and sparking a prosperous, sustainable economy.”

“It is important to remember that transition is inevitable but justice is not. Transitioning to a more sustainable and regenerative economy is essential for the future of the state as oil and other extractive industries become more unsustainable and volatile. We are hoping that this report will show other Alaska residents that an alternative to fossil fuels is both possible and beneficial for all of us,” said Eleanor Gagnon, Economic Vision Fellow, Just transition Collective.

The report was developed for the Alaska Climate Alliance by Kay Brown, Pacific Environment, and Eleanor Gagnon, Just Transition Collective, in collaboration with the ACA’s Regenerative Economies Working Group.  

LEARNING TO THRIVE: Alaska’s next economy in a warming world and the group’s past work and research are posted at www.AKNextEconomy.com