Pacific Environment Statement from Madeline Rose During the International Maritime Organization Plenary

Domenique Zuber
Date: July 5, 2023

Thank you, Chair.

In the spirit of moving us to Working Groups, Pacific Environment will be brief.

As we go into Working Groups, we want to remind nations: this week is the IMO’s final chance to put the global shipping industry on a 1.5 degree Celsius aligned decarbonization pathway.

On Levels of Ambition, the draft greenhouse emissions reduction targets that we started with this week – 20% by 2030 and 70% by 2040 – are not sufficient.

We asked the International Council on Clean Transportation what the implications of these targets would be on the global carbon budget. Their modeling suggests that if these targets are adopted this Friday, the global shipping industry would exhaust its carbon budget by 2031, just 8 years from now.

Nations must ratchet up of these targets up this week either to linear targets of -50% by 2030 and zero by 2040 OR the S-Curve targets of 37% by 2030 and 96% by 2040.Anything weaker does not guarantee 1.5 degree C alignment.

On Mandatory Measures, we simply reiterate that nations must move forward from this meeting with at the very least the following two mandatory measures together. One, a mandatory, 1.5C aligned Global Greenhouse Gas Fuel Standard, and  Two, an ambitious revenue-generating levy, to raise urgently needed revenues for the multi-trillion-dollar energy transition before us. One without the other will not succeed.

As we sit here today, the Greenland ice sheet is recording historic levels of melt; the North Atlantic Ocean is recording its highest ever temperatures; Mexico and the U.S. are enduring a shared climate induced “heat dome”; wildfires are ravaging Canada; and according to UNICEF, 560 million children around the world will be exposed to high heatwave frequency this summer.

We have, truly, no more time to defeat climate crisis. We urge member states to do your jobs this week and deliver material, 1.5 degree C aligned outcomes this week.

Thank you, Chair.

Madeline Rose addresses IMO plenary this week