Pacific Environment’s Monthly Newsletter

Jared Saylor
Date: May 21, 2024

Welcome to the May 2024 edition of Pacific Environment’s new monthly e-newsletter! This is an opportunity to highlight some of our work and share our victories for communities, climate, and wildlife.

Ports for People

In Los Angeles, a demand for clean air and healthy portside neighborhoods

Pacific Environment, in tandem with members of T.H.E. Impact Project and allies, united at Los Angeles City Hall for a day of advocacy on April 26 to garner support for cleaning up pollution at L.A.’s ports and rail yards.

Our coalition of community organizations, frontline residents and environmental justice leaders gathered together to show Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass that we have people power, but that we need her support to implement the local air district’s proposed pollution-reduction rules for ports and rail yards without further delay. Community leaders spoke passionately about their first-hand experiences dealing with freight pollution, followed by a 6-minute symbolic die-in on the steps of city hall to represent the six remaining years for Mayor Bass to achieve her campaign goal of a 100% zero-emission Port of Los Angeles by 2030. In her campaign for mayor of Los Angeles, Karen Bass stated she would address decades of environmental injustice that have been felt by port-adjacent communities by working with air quality regulators to transition the city away from fossil fuels.

Though the odds often feel like they are stacked against us, our event left me full of hope knowing that our communities are united in our asks and that together we will win the fight for clean air, as our ancestors and generations of environmental justice leaders have done before us!
Check out this short video of the die-in and day of action!

Cristhian Tapia-Delgado, Climate Campaigner, Southern California, Pacific Environment


A global call for a strong international treaty limiting plastic pollution

At the United Nations Global Plastics Treaty negotiations (known as INC4) in Ottawa, Canada, Pacific Environment called for stronger treaty leadership from the United States delegation and supported our Asia-based partners in attendance. Delegates from over 160 countries, as well as hundreds of industry representatives, civil society members, Indigenous Peoples, rightsholders, health advocates and other observers attended.

Pacific Environment’s Plastics Team at INC-4 in Ottawa, Canada

Read more about where we made progress, where we still face challenges and what you can do to increase public support for a strong Global Plastics Treaty.


President Biden, be the solution! Sign an Executive Order to END ship and port pollution

Ocean shipping plays a key role in the global economy, yet shipping emissions can be deadly, contributing to 6 million childhood asthma cases and more than 265,000 premature deaths globally each year. That’s why we need President Biden to use his federal power to take a stance now and help eliminate toxic shipping emissions, advance environmental justice, create good-paying union jobs and — most importantly — save lives.

Sign the petition! Click here to tell President Biden to end ship and port pollution!


Supporting Alaskans taking action for clean air, water and healthy communities

Jim Gamble, Senior Director, Arctic Program

On April 27, Pacific Environment’s Jim Gamble, Senior Director, Arctic Program, and Kay Brown, Arctic Policy Director attended The Alaska Center’s Education Fund Annual Auction and Celebration.

The Alaska Center’s Education Fund educates and engages Alaskans of all ages to support clean air and water, build healthy and resilient communities and become empowered environmental stewards. They provide outdoor opportunities and education about the natural world through Trailside Discovery Camp to kids of all ages, and train teens to be effective advocates for their environment and communities, among other amazing programs.

Pacific Environment was proud to be a sponsor for this impactful event!


Celebrating World Oceans Day!

June 8 is World Oceans Day, an opportunity for collective action around the world to protect and preserve our oceans and wildlife. This year’s theme: Catalyzing Action for Our Ocean & Climate.

We’re looking forward to sharing stories of our work with local organizations in Asia to monitor designated Marine Protected Areas, remove dangerous “ghost nets” and educate decisionmakers on the importance of strong regulations for a clean and healthy ocean environment.

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