Conservation Groups Urge Senate to Reject ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson’s Nomination

Press Release | January 10, 2017
A broad coalition of more than 50 national organizations -- including groups focused on foreign policy, civil rights, climate, human rights, faith, labor, development and transparency issues -- sent a letter...

Arctic Indigenous Leaders From Alaska, Russia and Canada Make Historic London Address on Impacts of Arctic Ocean Shipping

Press Release | October 19, 2016
Six Arctic indigenous leaders from Alaska, Canada, and Russia will travel to London next week to address the International Maritime Organization (IMO) regarding the impacts of shipping in the Arctic on...

Obama Arctic Legacy That Included Phase Out of Heavy Fuel Oil Would Eliminate Most Dangerous Threat Identified for Arctic Waters

Press Release | July 8, 2016
President Obama made history last summer by being the first sitting president to visit the Arctic, speaking passionately about climate change and focusing on Arctic challenges. Phasing out the use of...

Coalition Calls on International Maritime Organization to Prohibit Heavy Fuel in Arctic Waters as 2016 Antarctic Ban Takes Effect

Press Release | April 14, 2016
As polar ice recedes, increased Arctic vessel traffic increases the urgency to craft protections for fragile Arctic marine environments and communities.