Nicole Portley

Marine Program Officer and Acting Marine Program Director

Nicole Portley leads Pacific Environment’s marine campaigns and planning, with particular focus on growing the organization’s efforts to draft strong ship traffic protections, address plastic trash in the ocean, and create a strong network of marine protected areas. A fisheries biologist, Nicole has managed salmon protection programs in the Russian Far East for Wild Salmon Center and analyzed salmon and shrimp fisheries for the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership. She has successfully campaigned for design changes to an 800 mile oil-and-gas pipeline to protect more than 1,000 salmon crossings, and through her analyses Nicole shaped the conservation community’s evolving understanding of what sustainable fishery and aquaculture operations look like – including how to address complex challenges such as bycatch in shrimp nets and tracking farmed shrimp through global supply chains.

Nicole holds bachelors and masters degrees from McGill University and the University of Oregon. In her spare time, she writes classical and popular music under the moniker Nikki n’ The Pathos. She is based in Portland, Oregon.