Li Mengjiao

China Program Officer

Li Mengjiao works with communities and partners in the Yangtze River watershed to address pollution. She is based in our Chongqing Representative Office as a China Program Officer. Mengjiao was born in western China, at the eastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau—an area defined as a biodiversity hotspot in China. Growing up near the range of Mt. Minya Konka, she has been fascinated with the breathtaking landscape and beautiful wildlife since childhood and has made it her goal in life to protect it.

Mengjiao has years of experience working in conservation and with rural communities and local governments in the greater Yangtze region. She previously worked with Shan Shui, Conservation International, and the Paradise Foundation where she helped establish local protected areas and build NGO networks.

Mengjiao recently completed a Masters in Conservation and Rural Development at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom. She holds a B.S. in Wildlife Conservation and Nature Reserve Management from Sichuan Agricultural University.