Katarina van Alebeek

Program Assistant

Katarina van Alebeek serves as Pacific Environment’s Program Assistant, supporting the Climate team, Finance & Operations Team, and Executive Director.

Prior to joining Pacific Environment, Katarina was a research assistant at the Universal Basic Income Center Think Tank where she completed data analysis on the effects of universal basic income on gender-based poverty and public favorability of universal basic income policy. She also worked as the Summer Staff Director at Stanford Sierra Camp for two summers overseeing all staff, including as they navigated the Covid-19 closure and Caldor Fire evacuation. Additionally, she has worked as the Coordinator for Diversity and Inclusion at the Stanford Sierra Camp, during which time she supported the recruitment of a diverse and representative summer staff and worked to ensure staff cohesion and inclusion.

Katarina received her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, with concentrations in Justice & Law and International Relations, from Stanford University. She is based in San Francisco.