Karin Holser


Karin Holser is a long-time Alaska resident, expert marine field researcher and environmental educator. While living and working on the Pribilof Islands, she has developed co-management and research programs with the Native Communities of St. Paul and St. George islands, worked as a State Park Ranger, coordinated marine debris cleanup programs and co-led annual marine science and stewardship camps for Bering Sea Indigenous youth. Karin has helped develop two non-profits – one that teaches builders how to construct energy efficient buildings and the other to promote new innovative technology to help communities deal with solid waste and other environmental issues.

Karin loves to share her knowledge and love of the natural world with people and has been instrumental in developing an ecotourism program for the island of St. George. She also enjoys giving students an opportunity to conduct field research and to experience remote places. Karin has a B.S. in Resource Management – Environmental Interpretation from Oregon State University.