Bria Morgan

Senior Arctic Campaigner

Brihannala (Bria) Morgan leads on stakeholder relations to protect Arctic wildlife and communities from shipping and other environmental threats. Bria has worked as a campaigner and land rights advocate for over 15 years. Her work is grounded in her experience growing up in the forests of Indonesia; after living in areas with lush forests and clean rivers, she returned a decade later to find those same forests destroyed for industrial agriculture, and communities kicked off the land they had managed for generations. Bria has focused her working career on building meaningful environmental campaigns that seek to amplify demands of Indigenous communities. Bria’s work has held some of the biggest companies in the world accountable for their irresponsible supply chains and materials sourcing, and has ensured that companies keep the promises they make to protect critical ecosystems and to respect human rights. She has also worked closely with Indigenous allies in developing international solidarity campaigns to fight land grabbing, dam expansion, and plantation expansion. When not working, Bria enjoys foraging for berries and mushrooms, making wine, and playing in the mountains with her family.