Alex Levinson

Executive Director (He/Him/His)

Alex Levinson leads the team at Pacific Environment in seeking to engender broad, inclusive prosperity and healthy, resilient communities and ecosystems throughout the Pacific Rim. For 25 years, Alex has fought for the rights of citizens and activists seeking to protect our water, air, forests, wildlife, and community integrity. He has a special interest in engaging communities in transitioning from fossil fuel to clean energy economies. Having joined Pacific Environment in 2011, Alex has made his mark by initiating a rule-of-law project connecting top-rank law students and lawyers with local conservation groups; supporting collaboration with Arctic Indigenous leaders seeking to have their voices heard in U.N. decision-making; and expanding Pacific Environment’s campaigns to protect ocean resources and tackle the fossil fuel drivers of climate change.

Previously, Alex served for two decades as a senior director at the Sierra Club’s national headquarters, primarily as its Legal Director. Alex was the architect in transforming the Sierra Club’s Environmental Law Program from a small in-house counsel operation into one of the nation’s largest and most effective public interest litigation firms. Alex earned his bachelor’s degree at Harvard College and his J.D. at Stanford Law School. He is based in San Francisco, California.