The Curse of Crude

At least since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008 it’s been a common refrain throughout the world that countries must crank up resource extraction projects to stimulate economic development. It’s an easy argument – more resources equal more money which creates better economic conditions – and it’s also wrong. A New York Times … Read more

Russian NGOs Challenge “Foreign Agents” Label

  Since late last year, Russian NGOs that receive support from abroad are required to register as “foreign agents” under new legislation aimed at discrediting NGOs by labeling them with a term loaded with negative connotations left over from the Cold War. Russian NGOs, including Pacific Environment’s partners, have largely ignored the vague and contradictory … Read more

Courage Trumps Fear

Aleksey Gribkov did not back down when Russia’s state security agencies harassed him and his organization to drop a lawsuit that ended up becoming a landmark legal victory for Russia’s environmental movement. But before I tell you Aleksey’s remarkable story, I’ll introduce you to one of the people who has helped build the foundation for … Read more

Taking the Temperature of U.S.-Russia Relations

You’ve heard the news: Non-governmental organizations in Russia that receive funding from abroad must now register as “foreign agents.” An American presidential candidate considers Russia to be America’s “number one geopolitical foe.” The Cold War may be over, but U.S.-Russian rivalries are alive and well. On November 15, I will participate in a livestream discussion … Read more