Apple Supply Chain Pollutes Water in China

Date: September 1, 2011

The Other Side of Apple II: Pollution Spreads Through Apple’s Supply Chain

A group of Chinese environmental groups, including Pacific Environment’s partner Green Stone Environmental Action Network, decided to dig deep into the environmental problems in Apple’s supply chain. Five months of research and field investigations uncovered that pollution discharges have been expanding and spreading throughout the company’s supply chain, harming local communities and their surrounding environments.

The group identified 27 suspected suppliers to Apple that have had environmental problems. However, even when faced with specific allegations regarding its suppliers, the company refuses to provide answers, stating that “it is our long-term policy not to disclose supplier information.” A large number of IT supplier violation records have already been publicized—but not Apple’s.

The fact that Apple continues to use these polluting companies as suppliers is a deliberate refusal to take responsibility for the environmental and health damages caused by the manufacturing of its trendy products.

UPDATE: This report helped force Apple to release more complete information on its suppliers and supply chain practices and to conduct a major internal company review in 2011.

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