Alaska is Fortunate to Have Young Gambell Whaler

Alaska Dispatch News: Letter to the Editor
Sue Libenson
Date: October 22, 2017

Count me among the conservationists who stand with and applaud the leadership of Chris Apassingok of Gambell. Mr. Apassingok helped to successfully land a bowhead whale at the age of 16 and then was rudely attacked on social media. It is no small feat to straddle the skills of hunting in Arctic waters and navigate the global reaction of social media. And, Mr. Apassingok made clear his experience with the many challenges posed to Arctic residents by our changing climate.

Judging by his keynote speech and reception this week at the First Alaskans Institute 34th Annual Elders and Youth Conference preceding the Alaska Federation or Natives conference, we are all fortunate to have an emerging leader like Mr. Apassingok in Alaska’s future.