Take the Clean Cruising Pledge

The Ruby Princess may look tiny next to the mountains surrounding Glacier Bay in Alaska, but the heavy fuel oil it carries with it could devastate the landscape and the marine ecosystem (Princess Cruises is a subsidiary brand of Carnival Corporation).

Carnival Corporation claims that environmental stewardship and sustainability are core company values across all 10 of its cruise line brands.

Yet, most of the ships on its Arctic and Alaska routes burn dirty and dangerous heavy fuel oil. As the world largest cruise line operator, Carnival needs to do its part to transition the shipping sector to clean energy.

Join us and let Carnival know that, until it becomes a climate leader, it will lose out on 1000s of potential customers who care about the planet.

Take the Clean Cruising Pledge to tell Carnival that as long as they’re fueling up on one of the world’s dirtiest fossil fuels, you’re not sailing on their ships.

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Here are Carnival Corporations’ subsidiaries: