Take Action for the Marianas Trench

President Trump recently signed an executive order that he hopes will open the door to eliminating or shrinking the nation’s marine national monuments—and open them up to destructive activities like mining, offshore drilling, and trawling.

The Marianas Trench was designated as a marine national monument in 2009 by President George W. Bush. It is a spectacular part of the Ring of Fire that encircles most of the Pacific Ocean, encompassing three units: islands, trench, and volcanoes.

Join us! Stand up and tell the Trump administration that Americans want special places in the ocean to remain protected—for good.

The Department of Commerce is allowing the public to weigh in to save our marine monuments from a rollback of protections for just a few short weeks—through July 26.

PERSONALIZED COMMENTS ARE CRITICAL IN THIS PROCESS. If you live in the Pacific states of Hawai’i, California, Oregon, or Washington, please mention this in your comment.

If you have more than a few minutes, please consider submitting a comment for the other national marine monuments threatened by Trump’s executive order:

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