Clean Up Carnival Cruises

Tell Carnival to stop using dirty fossil fuels!

Carnival—which bills itself as “The World’s Most Popular Cruise Line”—powers its ships with one of the dirtiest fossil fuels on the planet: heavy fuel oil.

Heavy fuel oil is cheap to buy, but we all pay a hefty price when Carnival uses it to power its ships.

This dirty fuel releases greenhouse gases and other dangerous pollutants like sulfur dioxide, along with soot, also called black carbon. In places like the Arctic, this soot settles on sea ice, rapidly accelerating its melting. Sea ice loss is devastating for Arctic wildlife and communities.

But Carnival’s use of heavy fuel oil not only worsens global climate change, the risk of heavy fuel oil spills also threatens wildlife and coastal communities that depend on healthy oceans for their well-being. This dirty oil is virtually impossible to clean up, especially in the cold and remote waters of the Arctic.

Click here to take action now and ask Carnival Co. CEO Arnold Donald to:

  • Immediately end the use and transport of heavy fuel oil and heavy fuel oil blends in Canada, Alaska, and on all Arctic routes.
  • Immediately switch all cruise ships in your fleets to cleaner-burning alternatives: low-sulfur diesel fuel.
  • Immediately reduce black carbon pollution on all Carnival Co. ships by installing diesel particulate filters on all fleets.
  • And: Take the lead in developing and implementing clean shipping technologies to power cruise ships without dirty fossil fuels.